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A+ is an SDA Housing Provider that specializes in the development, design, construction, participant engagement and operation of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA).

We take a participant led focus to provide what participants are looking for in a home, maximize engagement and reduce tenancy risk.  We will create feasible projects based on participant need in locations that are identified as preferable. We will create feasible projects at the outset and reduce risk, and unnecessary costs.

We have combined expertise with accessibility, project management, design and construction expertise and occupational therapy input into all aspects of environmental design, social models, support models and individual function.

Our focus is to go beyond the standards to apply best practice guidelines to enable superior outcomes for all involved.

Our process is what sets us apart.  We have participants in mind when we design.  We will engage participants in decision making regarding the design. Due to our engagement with occupational therapists, our participant tenants will have a have a smoother transition into their new homes.



Highly motivated executive team that understands accessible
accommodation, project management, NDIS participant placement and SDA management. 

Our Services


Our team are experts in respective fields of disability including Accessibility Design and Occupational Therapy. Our team is rounded out by architects, development & construction managers and property experts.

Site Feasibility and Procurement 

Planning and Participant Led Design   

Project Management & Construction Delivery

NDIS Participant Placement

SDA Housing Management



A different approach - innovative design and a new method of construction.

We concentrate on using innovative design and natural building materials and a new method of construction that can means our product can be built in less than a third of the time of a conventional house.



Our Partners share the journey with us.  Armed with enormous experience in their chosen fields, they understand that delivery of accessibility outcomes are based on an understanding of the symbiotic relationship between people with mobility needs and the built environment.

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